Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What's in my purse?

I, am no celebrity. Despite my outward appearances and winning demeanor, I confess I have no fame. However I shamelessly LOVE those stories in US weekly that show what's in a famous person's bag.
Usually they have ridiculously expensive crap in there that serves no purpose, or that serves the same purpose a 1.00 tube of chapstick could fix. I thought, hey why don't I share what's in MY bag!
I have two bags, but I will happily share both.

The first bag I'll share is my "purse"
The bag is a HUGE VS duffel (in camo colored leopard print) from a dear lovely friend. Sorry this picture is dark, my flash wouldn't work and I'm way too impatient to wait and try again.

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Inside I have a pocket bac sanitizer and a listerine spray. To follow that theme I have deoderant, and some flavor or another of body spray. I have a fear of being smelly. A scarf, a hello kitty coin purse, a mini first aid kit, various Mark. samples and magalogs, a Mark. hook up with concealer and under eye gel, another with two perfumes, Starbucks napkins (why? because they make THE BEST oil blotting papers for your face. And they're free. I grab a handful every time I'm there) my wallet, and like 40 different lip glosses. I may or may not have an addiction.

And my school bag, which weighs about 460 thousand pounds.
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This one is pretty boring, minus those smencils there. Cinnamon, and berry. Almost makes doing homework kinda fun. I have a finger bowl, and a sanitizing container, and three creepy zombie fingers with finished acrylics on them. I also have my dappen dish, for some damn reason. A dust mask, and pens. I also have (not shown) a completely fantastic Tinkerbell notebook, I got for .15 at wal mart. Also not shown is some snacks that I keep on hand in case I get hungry. My resolution this year was to be better to myself, which also meant that I needed to make sure I ate more than once a day, so I keep snacks.
Water, and lotion, and those Wisp things to brush my teeth. Oh, and a huge bag full of nail polish. I'm sure this bag will get more full as I continue school.
Okay, so that was kinda fun.

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