Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reader Request - Derby Make Up

I'm coming up with lists of what I can do for a reader who wants to roller derby, and needs some wicked sexy eyeshadow. I'm trying to determine what's too subtle, and maybe what's too scary. I stumbled across one that I HAD to do. Hoping my reader loves it, here it is.
No. I didn't do a video tutorial. I'm SORRY already!

So, I failed at taking step by step pictures on this one, but I had an audience. It's kinda awkward taking pictures of yourself with your husband staring at you, know what I mean?

As usual, I started with a primed eye. I used a green tinted primer, because the shadow I wanted to use wasn't as green as I'd like. I could have dug out my brighter green but I am SO lazy. So, after a primer, I applied tape to the corner of my eye. You'll see why. Then I applied the green shadow up to the crease.

The tape isn't incredibly sexy, or comfortable, but it makes an infallible line to follow for the winged liner you're about to embark on.

I used black shadow for this particular attempt, but I think next time I might use a liquid liner first, and then top with black shadow and blend. Anyway, with my still wet brush, get a full load of black shadow and start at the very inner corner of your eye, and take it out as far as you can. I went to the end of my eyebrow. To get a really dramatic look you'll want to take it at least past the lashes. Remove the tape, and then take your line under your eye and into the inner corner and create a point. I tried as hard as I could to make the point asymmetrical, I love the look. Man I suck at descriptions.
Picture time.

After the liner, top off the green shadow again with a dry brush to set. Then get yourself some false lashes and put on a slim and thin coat of glue. Wait a few seconds, and then apply as close to your lash line as you can. Hold until set, and then curl. I apply a thin coat of mascara at least to the base to hold the set.

And the finished product! I hope you love this. I have a couple more on deck that I can't wait to share with you. If there are any other looks you want to me to bring, leave me a comment below!!

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