Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cold Cream?

I was doing some random shopping a couple weeks ago, and I stumbled across some clearance yummies in the local drug store. One of them that was ridiculously cheap was cold cream. I remember that stuff because that's what my grandmother uses to wash her face each night. Intrigued, I thought eh.. why not. My face has been a mess, between stress, hormones and just sometimes forgetting to wash my face (ugh, I KNOW better!) I've been the resident of a very busy town called Breakout City. I've been using Proactiv for two years, and it's just kinda stopped working for me. Sad.

So I digress. I picked some up and started using it right away. It takes some getting used to, I'm so used to the need for soap and water. Also what do you remove the cream with? Paper towels seemed wasteful. So, I started using washcloths. The cold cream washes out just fine, and there's less waste. So a couple weeks later, my verdict is that I'm in love. I haven't had hardly any breakouts at all and my skin feels fantastic. I still use proactiv once a week for a deep scrub, but this is perfect. It also gets my eye makeup off better than anything else and my skin is SO soft. It also seems to hold my makeup better, I don't have that weird issue that I was having where it clumps and runs. I think I'm going to be hooked on cold cream.
If you're wondering where to find, and what it looks like here you go. You'll find this anywhere, and the price is great. This tub is going to last me easily a month.

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