Sunday, January 8, 2012

Intense Eyeshadow

I put this on yesterday before heading out the door to go for a girl's night out with my friend. I'd been dying to try this but it felt  like too much for daytime. This is a pretty intense eyeshadow application but I'm in love. I used black and white, but this is something I plan to play with and try other colors. I know for a fact purple and white would look amazing. Here's the finished product.

I really can't do a video tute today, but I can give you a step-by-step at least so you can give it a go. It was SO much fun to do.
I started with a primed eyelid.
This is a very thick application and if you don't use a primer, you will find yourself with creases very fast. I used Mark. Hold Please eye primer (8.00) I actually used two coats.

Then I have a spray bottle with an alcohol/water solution for this purpose, I sprayed my sponge brush with water to soak it. For both colors, I used the Mark. Super Flip compact which they regrettably don't seem to have on the site any more. I used Fluffy (white) and Black Tie (black).
Starting with the white, I put a thick layer all over the lid, in the inner corner and under the eye.

Here's where I had trouble. I am so used to following my natural lines for everything that it took a lot out of me to go outside of that. With my black (and a wet sponge brush, of course) I started on the bone of my eyelid, not the crease. Not dragging, blotting, pull the color across into the crease. Be careful not to create too thick of a line, and make that line thinner as you go.

Back to the outer corner of the eye, on the bone still, pick up more color from your palette and pull it on an angle down. You're creating somewhat of a triangle shape, but when you're pulling the color it needs to fade to the middle of the eyelid, it's not a solid color. Clear as mud? (This is why I do video tutorials!!!)
With a short bristled eyeshadow brush, clean up your lines with some fresh color.

Finish with a very thin line of liquid liner all around, curl lashes and be generous with your mascara.

So there you are. Some thoroughly cute eyeshadow that you can take to a fun night out. Dazzling, and would work with almost ANY eye shape there is. You may need to adjust your eyeliner lines if you have different shaped eyes. Any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below.


  1. I would love to learn how to put together a new makeup routine. I have fair skin, green eyes and dark hair. I'd like something edgy/funky that I can put on for certain occasions. Ideas? Thanks!!

  2. PS- I REALLY like playing up my eyes.