Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A moment on eyebrows

Sit down, I think we need to talk. It's about... eyebrows.

I'm not sure people realize the importance of eyebrows to your face. They frame your face and can make or break your looks. Personally, I'm a huge fan of natural eyebrows but not everyone is. I'm not really a fan of penciled on eyebrows. I think it can make someone look severe, and detract from their natural beauty.
If you're unhappy with your brows, be prepared for a few weeks of awkwardness because here's the only way to fix them.. grow them back.

I know. It's okay, I promise. Once you have some growth back (you don't have to wait for them to come all the way in) then go to your local salon for a professional shaping (usually only 15 - 20 dollars) or come see me. Failing that, here's some tips:

  • If you are new to this, do. not. WAX. Please. Pull out the tweezers and opt for the slow torture instead.
  • Stay within your natural shape. Your eyebrows are shaped a certain way for a reason, don't fight nature.
  • Outline your edges with a pencil and do not under any circumstances go beyond your edges. 
  • Don't go willy-nilly. Tweeze a few, stop, step back and look, then continue. Repeat.

Chances are you've seen the "pencil trick" in your time on this planet, and it is a really fantastic guideline. You can buy expensive stencils at the beauty supply stores, or you can just go by this rule. 

Take a pencil and place it vertical beside your nostril. Where the pencil ends is where your eyebrows will start so place a dot of eyebrow pencil there. Place the pencil diagonal to the outer corner of your eye from your nostril. Where the pencil ends is where your brow should end. Dot some eyebrow pencil there. Now from here I suggest looking at your brow's natural arch, and follow that guide, but if you're confused then you can use the pencil. Start at your nostril and angle it across your iris, the highest point of your arch should be there, so mark it. Try to keep your natural eyebrow fullness, and just clean up straggling hairs. Single hairs that don't belong with the group, try not to get into the brow itself. You can trim too, don't be afraid of trimming the eyebrows. To do this, take a toothbrush or clean mascara wand (when a tube is empty, keep a wand for your eyebrows) and brush the hairs up. Trim the ones that come above the brows, then brush down and trim the ones that fall below. Finish up with a little brow gel and you're set to go. (Brow gel is just clear mascara, basically.. so you can get that for less)

Anyway, I'll clarify that this week when I get to do another tutorial video, but hopefully this will give you a clear place to start if you want to do your eyebrows.

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